Tuesday, June 12, 2012

neither elephant nor Buddhist

Before the Buddhists fitted themselves out with an ever-so-mindful walking practice...

The elephants, without contrivance or thought, proved their pedagogical fitness ....

I always wished I could walk like and elephant. So delicate, so smooth, so gossamer, so utterly ... walking. When I found that impossible, I tried to walk like a Buddhist.

And when I found I was unfit as elephant or Buddhist, I walked as a human being.

Still, I am always grateful for the fitting instruction I received.

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  1. Bump up an old instruction I read on this blog.

    The Zen teacher Ta Hui (1088-1163) once said approximately, "I have always had a great vow that I would rather suffer the fires of hell for all eternity than to portray Zen as a human emotion." What a scary, searing observation and yet all he was really saying was, "If you're going to love God, then love God ... and never give up."