Monday, June 11, 2012

mind swap

As people trade in old cars when they get newer ones, so, today, I wish there were some kind of barter store where I could go and trade in information on, say, Huang Po or Plato or Simone de Beauvoir and receive in return an instant understanding of how to drain and replace lawnmower oil. I'm not using the information I've got and perhaps someone else could use it, much as I could use some lawnmower savvy.

Things don't work like that, but that doesn't mean I can't wish they did.

Yesterday, my son put the wrong kind of oil into the lawnmower and today I want to correct it. And the only way to correct it is to drain what's in the lawnmower and replace it. But since I have never done it, I'm not entirely sure of how to go about it and would gladly trade what I've got for something I don't have.

Maybe, as in the movie, "The Matrix," someone will make all this possible in the future.

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