Sunday, June 10, 2012

revising good habits

Whether in the heart or on the street, in the world of spiritual endeavor, a great deal of effort is focused on overcoming or revising bad habits. If spiritual endeavor were an industrial exercise, overcoming or revising bad habits might be called the zaibatsu concern, its tentacles of effort reaching with delicate or fierce deliberateness to the far corners of the universe ... whether within or without.

The effort to overcome or revise bad habits can be richly funded, its well-lit factory floors bright with flashes of arc welding and the sound of metal presses stamping out the necessary forms. Everyone wants to be happy and this effort to overcome or revise bad habits is a necessary step towards that goal.

But sometimes I think there is a concomitant effort that receives too little attention -- an effort that is overshadowed or perhaps hidden within the great zaibatsu effort to overcome or revise bad habits. And what is obscured or locked away like some ugly or shameful step-sister is the effort to overcome and revise good habits.

This is no joke, no simple, contrarian Tinker Toy: To overcome and revise good habits is every bit as worthy of a zaibatsu effort as is the sweat and longing to overcome and revise bad habits. To neglect this is to neglect the very prize anyone might claim to desire... the longing to be happy.

To overcome and revise good habits ...

I have been guilty of neglecting that effort.

And I apologize.

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