Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Today, my younger son, 18, plans to get his second tattoo. The first one was an artful, non-verbal design across his back at shoulder level. Today's is something he is not prepared to discuss -- the word "faith" on his upper left arm.

Tattoo in progress
I'm not much of a fan of tattoos or labeled shirts or monogrammed hats, but as long as anyone is not doing some distinct harm (raping the cat, bombing innocent civilians, etc.) I think everyone takes his or her own risks, pays his or her own prices, and deserves the opportunity to do so.

I admit to being intrigued by the reasons why my son chose the tattoo he did. What does he think "faith" might mean? Why does he feel a tattoo will be an improvement or greater assertion of whatever he imagines "faith" to be? Does art improve on life? Well, maybe sometimes it does ... I don't know.

I am intrigued by the fact that he refuses to discuss it.

And, simultaneously, I am delighted not to know.

A successful Yakuza knows how to keep his mouth shut.

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