Saturday, July 28, 2012

apologies to my blog

Blew the end out of this morning while constructing a column to submit to the local paper. Passed over a time generally reserved for blog barf. Skipped breakfast. Missed the weekly convocation of the peace picket line. Sat glued to the computer screen shaping and refining arguments ... trying to fit ten pounds of shit into a five-pound bag.

The column just concerned something I took and take seriously ... the Vatican with its built-in depredations, the most popular of which are priest sexual abuses. No need to hound others ... but there I sat, hounding others to the best of my ability.

And now that the column is out the door, I sit here somewhat sheepishly, as if, based on past performance, I owed something to this blog, as if an old friend had been given short shrift and it deserved an apology.

Well, here's my apology. Based on past performance, I imagine something new will crop up in my mind and I will return to the fold.

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