Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Today, a chum sent along the gone-viral video of a three-year-old climbing a door frame. Aside from being a heart-warmer, there is definitely a wow quotient that enters:

Imagine that! Wow!

And it makes me think that somewhere, secreted in the human genome, is some little mechanism or well-oiled switch marked "wow." Whether delight or catastrophe ... still ... wow! Whoda thunk it?! How about them apples?! Wish I could...! Glad I didn't...! Wow!

It's delicious and there is a craving for more, some wonderful or horrendous surprise, something to spice things up, something to make me wider than I was before, something that takes me out of my comfort zone that can be pretty boring or same-ol' or stale.

But am I wrong in thinking that the wow factor always relates to someone or something else? Except for the hopelessly vain and inveterately shallow, no one is wowed by his or her own abilities or qualities. It's always someone or something else. My qualities and abilities are known quantities, well-worn and soft and unexceptional as a dish towel.

I don't wow me.

I rely on others to do that.

But at the same time I am relying on you to wow me, I suspect that you are relying on me to wow you ... which means that there is something wow about me that I seem to have missed or ignored. Everyone and everything has a wow potential ... except for me. And this makes me suspicious. Why am I not wowed by me?

What does that say about me?

Or, perhaps more important, what does that say about wow?

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