Sunday, July 15, 2012

hounded by nonsense

Today, on the Totally Useless Information bulletin board in my mind, someone had tacked the following query:

If you believe in something, you set up a relationship with it. You distinguish it as something to believe in. You assert its separation.

And the same is true for disbelief -- same stuff, different wrapping paper.

What I wonder is this: If you believe in something, does what you believe in believe in you? When I look around, within or without, I can't find a single thing that I believe in that -- for a certainty -- reciprocates my belief.

And if this bubble-gum chewing is accurate, then is it reasonable to assert that there is nothing wrong with what is believed in, but believing in it is a fool's errand?

The things I believe in don't seem to be hounded by nonsense. Is there some reason why I should continue to be?

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