Sunday, July 15, 2012

faraway places

No doubt kids see nothing unusual in texting or otherwise communicating on their telephones with someone in a faraway land. If it's what you can do and you do do it, then, well, it's just ordinary, just par for the course. Ho-hum.

But to me, it's magical and the next thing to incomprehensible. Marvelous stuff: I look occasionally at the audience that reads this blog and am astounded at the traffic sources listed. Malta, Tanzania, Norway, Uruguay, India, Indonesia, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, New Zealand ... and a dozen other places I have never been and know little or nothing about.  Even if it's just one person and even if that one person is conniving a way to use my site as a way to promote his or her scam ... still, a picture rises up in my mind of some beautifully different color of skin or shape of eye or way of dressing or native language. I may have entirely the wrong idea about it all, but that wrong idea leaves me gasping ... the magician really is sawing the lady in half!

It's just age, I suppose. But at my age, finding something that wows me is pretty wow.

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