Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mike Lux and the Christian right

I'm no Christian, but I do live in a Christian country. I also live in a country in which Christianity and its Bible are too frequently handed over, willy-nilly, to a lot of public figures who twist biblical teachings to suit their right-wing, homophobic, let's-have-another-war, greedy and generally small-spirited agendas.

To the extent that this is true -- and I think there is plenty of evidence that it is -- I had occasion today to look back on a column by Mike Lux that appeared in the Huffington Post in February. In it, he asks specifically, "What Bible is Santorum Reading?" But even now that Rick Santorum is out of the Republican race for the White House, Lux' arguments are trenchant in a wider way and hence worth saving. I thought I would save it here.

His column almost, but not quite, makes me wish I were a Christian.

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