Tuesday, July 31, 2012

ooops ... deprivation reassessed

When the slaves and indentured servants are deprived of the tools that will assure their masters' wealth and comfort, how long will it be before those masters feel the pinch?

In India, half of the 1.2-billion population went without power on two succeeding days. Traffic lights, transportation, computers, sewing machines ... the list of affected agencies and abilities is enormous as the hands of the serving workers are stilled.

Outsourcing moguls everywhere may have to forgo the various humming-bird tongues they have grown accustomed to. If the land of milk and honey can curdle on one day or two, what does that say about days to come?

In the richer-is-better realm, deprivation is acceptable up to a point, but after that point, aren't those doing the depriving likewise deprived?

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