Wednesday, July 8, 2015

endangered species status for 'Agricola Americus'

A $30 billion interior and environment protection bill has garnered a novel amendment -- a clause that would protect the endangered American farmer ("Agricola Americus") with $50,000 bonus payments. The Latin doesn't look right to me but if Latin were the worst thing politicians got wrong, we'd all be in clover.
The amendment is a humorous attempt to draw attention to the burden that the EPA places on the farming industry.

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  1. Woe to the poor american farmer, except the family farms were put out of business by corporate farms, not ecological restrictions. We have the DNA to recreate the wooley mammoth but not the american farmer. I think my grandad was the last one, owned 40 acres in Iowa, medical expenses took it from him when grandma died of cancer.

    Before the EPA tried to interfere with the profits of the corporate farms on the west side of California's central valley, they were producing two headed ducks with selenium poisoning due to dumping waste into the wetlands of the West Side Water District. Agricola's probably correct because the corporate farms are most likely all owned by coca-cola. lol