Wednesday, July 15, 2015

remilitarizing Japan

It's always for defensible reasons of course ...

Japan appears to be back on course to remilitarizing in the wake of a World War II that produced a largely-pacifist constitution. Two bills are wending their way through the political process. Put your money on the muscle....
Japan's post-World War Two constitution bars it from using force to resolve conflicts except in cases of self-defence.
The cabinet has pushed for a change that would revise the laws such that Japan's military would be able to mobilise overseas when these three conditions are met:
  • when Japan is attacked, or when a close ally is attacked, and the result threatens Japan's survival and poses a clear danger to people
  • when there is no other appropriate means available to repel the attack and ensure Japan's survival and protect its people
  • use of force is restricted to a necessary minimum
As always, it's the definitions that start out so reasonable and then spread out wider and wider to include more and more. Maybe this time they could invade China and win.


  1. Well, China's worrying India about an island, so i guess we should all put an oar in the water and stir the mud.

  2. Heck, come to think of it, I wonder whose side should another island Singapore be on if Japan re-invades China ever again. We're even starting American English conversation these days locally as the Britons continue regressing from their colonial heydays, yet what is paradoxical is how with a fair number of Hindus and Muslims on this island, as well as the occasional westerners, recently when the ISIS got the Afghan War out of the picture I could barely figure who I may be fighting against if war took place in South or East Asia or Pacific.

    The Afghan War despite its controversies was very clear cut in motivation, somebody bombed the West's major icon of liberty, the West needed to retaliate, sure it may need more skilfulness from a zen angle, yet even a Buddhist as stupid as I am knows that it's just tit-for-tat like Pearl Harbour.

    Yet the histories of Sino-Formosa-Japanese-Tibetan-Mongolian-Manchurian wars have been totally ludicruous and inconsequential.

    I wonder what will happen if we break up Russian and Chinese provinces further, hmm.. :P