Sunday, July 5, 2015

'terrorism' countermeasures

At least Great Britain appears willing to reassess its security measures:
After 2005, police were given power to hold terrorism suspects for four weeks without charge, or to place them under a 16-hour-a-day curfew. It became a crime not just to commit or plan for terrorism but to glorify terrorist acts. The government moved to deport extremist preachers who had made their home in Britain. The ability of intelligence agencies to scoop up Internet users' electronic data expanded vastly, and British spies began collecting information on their own citizens on a hitherto unseen scale.
Have I got this right? -- in order to assure security, it is necessary to disseminate and ballyhoo a sense of insecurity... not to mention sweeping various human rights under the carpet.

Sometimes I think every high school student and political wannabe should be required to watch the movie "Brazil" and -- who knows -- maybe even think about it.

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  1. I've read that those sweeping powers have been drawn in here in the states. But i don't believe it's true. They're paid to be good at not being caught.