Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Greece, China and financial mayhem

Fidgeting about Greece and its financial woes is a staple on news programs these days, but it seems to me that far more important is the dysfunction gaining traction in China. 
China's tumbling stock market showed signs of seizing up on Wednesday, as companies scrambled to escape the rout by having their shares suspended and indexes plunged after the securities regulator warned of "panic sentiment" gripping investors.
Wherever the financial difficulties, it's the working (wo)man who will be unable to pay the rent or afford the medicine or fill the grocery bag. Still, those scrambling to resurrect the house of cards they built wear such handsome clothes.

I wonder if a college education is really necessary when the goal is to fuck the other guy before he fucks you.

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  1. I believe that the last guy, not employed by the military, but by the private sector, will be a handyman. When nobody can afford the new stuff, they'll want the old stuff fixed.