Wednesday, April 10, 2019

bees in your eyes

When a young Taiwanese woman named He took herself to a hospital this week complaining of a swollen eye, she expected to be treated for a simple infection.
Instead, the 29-year-old and her doctor were horrified to discover four bees living under her eyelids, feasting on her tears.
On the same day that the Rodrigo Duterte (extra-judicial killing of alleged drug dealers) of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, appears headed for a fifth term in office despite corruption charges, here comes a story that might make anyone blink.

Or anyway, I did.

Dictators are a dime a dozen these days, but bees in your eyes?????

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  1. OK so these are really tiny bees probably close to 3mm. They thrive on salt. Human tears are normally 200 times saltier than sweat and the Taiwanese diet is higher in salt than average.

    Bees inhabiting the eyes. It’s like something from a B science fiction movie.

    Re:Sweat Bees

    “In a 2018 study, Hans Bänziger of Chiang Mai University found that various types of salt-sucking bees expressed a clear preference for tears over sweat. The likely explanation: Tears contain 200 times as many concentrated proteins—and generally higher levels of salt—than sweat.”

    Since your so bored, forget the news wires, Genkaku, read scientific journals instead.