Tuesday, April 2, 2019

dietary changes





Glazed doughnuts.

Let me count the menu items I can now say without chagrin ... I love 'em.

Since I am now legitimately old enough to die, I figure the yogurt-and-nuts crowd can take a hike and I can devolve in quite pedestrian ways. Ain't no one gettin' outta here alive, so ... a good piece of chocolate -- aside from being almost impossible to acquire in the U.S. -- is ... is ... is ... well, it's goddamned angelic: bittersweet, but not virtue-bound bitter ... lotsa butter fat, lotsa despair for the caring medical administrators.

Mind you, I like spinach too, but eating it as some sort of policy statement ... don't be ridiculous.

And later, of course, some strong black coffee and a cigarette!

Save me one .38 caliber bullet as a last resort against lectures on improvement and healthy living!

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