Friday, April 16, 2010

caught with your pants on

Sometimes I think the slang phrase, "caught with your pants down" just means "caught with your pants on." Imagine: There anybody might be, cozy within some long-standing habit or point of view, when suddenly something happens that revises things in a way not desired or expected ... caught with your pants down.

But is the problem the fact that we were caught with our pants down or the fact that we had those pants on in the first place?

Is it possible to live a sane and safe life without one pair of pants or another, one framework or another, one habit mode or another, one expectation or another, one explanation or another, one meaning or another?

I don't know, but I think it would be worthwhile to find out.

Here is a wide-ranging, current example, but I imagine individuals could find more intimate and compelling applications when looking in the mirror.

Apr 16, 3:48 AM (ET)

LONDON (AP) - British civil aviation authorities say there will be no flights over England until Saturday morning at the earliest, as a huge ash cloud from Iceland's erupting volcano disrupts air traffic around the world.

The National Air Traffic Services says some flights could start leaving and arriving at airports in Scotland and Northern Ireland later Friday. Another agency update is expected at 1230GMT (8:30 a.m. EDT).

Flights around the world have been canceled and passengers stranded as the ash cloud affected operations at some of the world's busiest airports, including London's Heathrow.

The ash is spewing from a volcano beneath Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull (ay-yah-FYAH'-plah-yer-kuh-duhl) glacier that began erupting Wednesday for the second time in less than a month.

THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further information. AP's earlier story is below.

BRUSSELS (AP) - The European air navigation agency says air traffic disruptions from the volcanic ash cloud will last at least another day.

Eurocontrol says the cloud's impact "will continue for at least the next 24 hours."


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