Saturday, April 24, 2010

TUI perhaps

Anyone who has sat in silence for a few days -- as for example in a Zen retreat -- gathers a lot of information, much, if not all, of it, Totally Useless Information.

Sure, there are the soaring nanoseconds and the visitations by the hounds of hell, but there is other, simpler stuff as well.

For some reason, I remembered today the discovery (as I thought of it) that it is natural (the farmers got it right) for human beings who eat three meals a day to eat a medium meal at breakfast, a big meal at lunch and a small meal at supper. It is natural to the body -- or anyway that's how it occurred to me at the time.

It's not that anyone needs to turn this information around and make some kind of rules-for-sensible-living, watch-me-play-Henry-David=Thoreau manifesto out of it, but it is information that interested me -- the me who was utterly American about having a big meal for supper.

OK, OK ... so it's just more TUI. But it occurred to me today as another of those interesting discoveries that may crop up when things are quiet enough.

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