Tuesday, April 20, 2010

nesting in spring

Once again, as seems to be their wont, the sparrows have created a nest on top of a wooden Christmas-tree-like thingie I tacked to the outside of the house, under an eave. The Christmas tree is about four feet from the porch door and is isosceles-triangular, with lights adorning the peak. That bunch of lights gives the sparrows a base on which to build their nest.

While they are building, they are skittish when I stand in the porch door, soaking up the sun or just enjoying the morning air. They will fly to some nearby tree and wait for me to go away. But this morning I noticed that one of the mates did not move. She (as I thought of the sparrow) just sat still as salt, head peeking over the edge of the nest.

The eggs I imagine she is sitting on are far more important than the danger I represent. She is still and determined and does not move.

I do my best not to frighten her.

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