Sunday, April 18, 2010

give away your earthly goods

Why is it that when, in one form or another, spiritual persuasions seem to suggest the relinquishing of earthly goods, there is little or no recognition that among those goods is the very spiritual persuasion that suggests it?

This is not a trick question and it is not a question that is aimed solely at the Bible-thumping, hallelujah crowd. I think the same question could be asked of any spiritual endeavor, from serious to subservient.

Isn't such a surrender a sine qua non of the very spiritual persuasion that encourages the relinquishing of everything from stocks and bonds to designer-label spatulas? Who has the courage and patience and doubt and determination to give up heaven and hell, incense and holy text, Rolls Royce and Victoria's Secret?

Money is easy ... mind-set is hard.

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