Sunday, April 4, 2010

what works

Anybody can know or learn what works. A knife is more appropriate than a hammer when it comes to cutting a tomato. A knife works. A cool cup of water slakes a parched thirst ... it works. A fine intellect can solve many problems appropriately. It works better than a confused ignorance.

What works is often so obvious -- so d'oh -- that we don't stop to think about it. If something works, we just use it. D'oh!

But what is it that works? What actually works when it comes to your life or mine? Is it "I" that works? Is it some version of god that works? Is it some drug of choice or caring or sharing or altruism or egotism or love or hoarding or freedom or philosophy or ... well, what works in this life? What is it that makes this clock tick? Maybe that question is not so d'oh.

What works ... what really works? For anyone who wonders such things and is willing to investigate, I think the answer is really very d'oh indeed ... and yet ten out of ten cannot answer such a simple question.

What really works?

If I told you the answer I would have to kill you. Or, more likely, you would have to kill me.

What is it that really works?

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