Monday, April 12, 2010

good teacher?

Is there anything that cannot serve as a good teacher? Many seem to think that a good teacher is someone or something that agrees with their point of view. But that's not a good teacher, is it? A good teacher just requires you to think for yourself.

For example, this morning I was reading a Wikipedia entry on Andy Warhol -- an artist whose work I don't care for much. He was a phenom in his time. A great publicist. An enfant terrible of sorts.

On Wikipedia, Andy Warhol was quoted as saying,"They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself."

Is that a good teaching or not? If you say 'yes,' then I think little or no inspection or investigation will come about. If you say 'no,' then I think a lot of personal bias will be brought to bear -- trying to discredit what is written on the blackboard.

I think people pick out their teachers and teachings and then decide whether to act or not, whether to investigate or not, whether to think or merely fall down in some agreeable swoon.

One thing you can learn from good teachers is that being a great publicist is no way to lead your life -- however much you may want to or try. Who is it, after all, who insists on 15 minutes of fame?

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