Sunday, April 18, 2010

wants and wont

Wanting is our wont. And where it is not, there is often a scurrying effort to find some new wont -- which is something we want.

▸ noun: an established custom
▸ noun: a pattern of behavior acquired through frequent repetition

Some definitions of "Want:"

▸ noun: anything that is necessary but lacking ("I tried to supply his wants")
▸ noun: a specific feeling of desire
▸ noun: the state of needing something that is absent or unavailable ("For want of a nail the shoe was lost")

Find a want, create a wont ... that seems to be the direction ... and more than a direction, a hard-wiring of the human psyche. And if it is, in fact, a hard-wired habit, and if the subsequent uncertainty becomes apparent, then there is nothing for it but to find the wont that will address the wants completely ... not reject or disdain the wants or wont, but simply find a wont that will settle matters beyond simple wants and wont.

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