Friday, April 30, 2010

wonderful teaching

The other day, my younger son, 16, was lounging around on the couch, half-watching TV, but also holding up his right hand and looking at it as he opened and closed his fist slowly.

Thinking he might have hurt himself somehow, I asked him what he was doing. He wasn't hurt, as it turned out -- he was just marveling that his hand could open and close ... how did that happen? It was utterly plain and yet beyond his comprehension.

It was not something a dad could explain, assuming dad wasn't a complete ditz. But it was something in which a dad might delight ... a good discovery, probably more informative than the Rosetta Stone.

Funny how little bolts of lightning like that can strike ... what was ordinary as salt becomes a 14-course meal, all in a nanosecond.


  1. "It was utterly plain and yet beyond his comprehension."

    yea,its beyond mine too.
    thank god :)

  2. He's a shoey incarnation isn't he?


    My husband told me some things today and I couldn't comprehend/understand it either - and yet that is how he is. A marvellous beast, I told him *meek smile*

    Best wishes,