Monday, April 19, 2010

the new normal

Yesterday, because the old computer refused to work any longer, I went with one of my sons to Best Buy and bit the financial bullet. Today, there is a new computer tower and various differences from the show-and-tell of the other machine. It takes some getting used to. It is the "new normal.

What a good phrase -- the "new normal." Break a leg and walking with a cast is the new normal. Change jobs and there is a new normal. Get married or divorced -- the new normal. One belief, opinion, emotion, bit of logic is replaced with another -- the new normal.

It's easy to see the change when anyone breaks a leg. Galumphing is not the 'normal' state of affairs. But when, after some reflection, each moment is nothing BUT the new normal ... well, it does make you wonder what's normal. :)

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