Wednesday, April 28, 2010


You'll never know what others know until you ask them.

Today, at the supermarket, I got a hankering for butterscotch brownies and since there were no box-mixes in the cake aisle, I asked a woman who was shopping nearby if she knew how to cook and if so, did she know how to make the brownies I wanted. She filled me in with more information than I had and I was grateful.

Not all of her information -- which she was reciting off the top of her head -- was perfectly accurate, but the direction was good and useful and now the brownies are cooking.

Isn't it amazing the things people know -- and I don't mean just brownies -- that we never suspected either by looking at them or by hearing them speak?

Humility is not a bad characteristic.

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  1. The only problem is...humility is like class...the minute you think you have don't! ;)