Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The local newspaper announces on the front page this morning that the 29th annual gay pride march will be held on Saturday. My son tells me that there are weeklong gay pride events scheduled at the high school ... a fact that doesn't bother him much since the various assemblies will get him out of regularly-scheduled classes.

Marches may assert solidarity in the face of what can be opposition. They may also assert agreement of thought or belief when there is no opposition.

I suppose there may be some pride involved -- a sense of righteous empowerment or snuggling warmth. But I do think that pride is an iffy business, even at the best of times and with the best intentions.

Still, the tentative warmth can be pretty enticing. No point in asking someone to think things through where they imagine they have thought things through.

Pride ... what an odd duck.


  1. Pride is odd.
    What would the world be like if there was no pride?

    I consider pride as a lock onto values good or bad. A lock is neccesary the keep away thieves.

  2. Locks are things that assure thieves there is something that could be stolen.

  3. It Will Come Before the Fall.

  4. An important question is. How will we convince theieves they should not steal from us just because we don't have locks on our values?

    I watch movies about the evil fighting the good. I can't help but wonder how theives can justify their evil and keep on with it?