Sunday, May 16, 2010

20 good men

May 16, 1:33 PM (ET)

VATICAN CITY (AP) - More than 100,000 people filled St. Peter's Square on Sunday in a major show of support for Pope Benedict XVI over the clerical sex abuse scandal.

Benedict said he was comforted by such a "beautiful and spontaneous show of faith and solidarity" and again denounced what he called the "sin" that has infected the church and needs to be purified.

Citing estimates from Vatican police, the Vatican press office said 150,000 people had turned out for the demonstration organized by an association of 68 Italian lay groups.
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In the army, a chaplain giving a lecture to those of us required to attend said, "If a man stands up and says anything -- anything at all -- there will always be 20 good man to stand up behind him." It was the only part of his lecture I remember.

Twenty good men. They may be right or wrong as rain, but still, twenty good men. Agreement is not enough. Disagreement is not good enough. Twenty good men is enough.

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