Tuesday, May 4, 2010

pivot point

If I had to guess, I guess I'd guess that one of the pivot points in spiritual life is the recognition, acknowledgment, surrender to the fact that there is no "they" to revere or fall short of or even be equal to.

It's a personal recognition, not arrogant or dismissive -- just the understanding that if wise men from time immemorial can find some peace in their lives, then there is nothing saying you or I might not do the same.

True, it can be something of a fright or a pain in the ass -- such a realization or acknowledgment. Even to consider intellectually the notion that you might be as capable as Buddha or Jesus or Mohammad or, well, pick your exemplar ... it puts the ball in your court.

No longer are things a matter of awe or groveling or imagining there was something to attain. When there is no "up there" or "down here," when the responsibility simply asserts its factualness ... well it can be hard because it tosses what often passes for religion or philosophy out the window.

Stuck with the farm ... ohhhhh shit!

It's not a matter of choice or pronouncement and it does not open itself in the face of the usual pretenses. You are you and you are in charge. You are you and it is completely sufficient to the task. Nothing extra is required. Nothing whatsoever.

Spooky, perhaps, but critical ....

And, in the end, not all that bad, do you think?

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