Monday, May 3, 2010

old friends

Sometimes it is fun -- even useful -- to review the events of this life... places you went, people you knew, events that made you smile or weep.

And one of the things I find is that, in looking back, it becomes easier to see old friends in every time and place ... and less easy to identify anything that might be called an enemy.

There is nothing forced about it, no imposed vision or self-help virtue or need to control the scene from some 'mature' viewpoint. It just seems to be so -- good friends who have pointed the way.

Horrors, ecstasies, and ordinary stuff -- all of it smiling you into this moment which is also smiling ... or not. How could anyone be where they are if they hadn't been where they were?

How fortunate.


  1. Isn't it always easier to say that in hindsight though, or for those with clear vision, with that specific clarity.


  2. Sure, hindsight will do for starters. But the training of hindsight is that enemies are harder to find and, as a result, harder to create in the present.

    There's no rush. If enemies are what anyone likes ... well, have a good time. Like Sisyphus, eventually there may be some thought given to surrendering fruitless adventures.