Sunday, May 23, 2010


A few minutes ago, there was the sound of a woodpecker about his/her work. But it was incredibly loud ... not the tick-tick-tick that you usually hear, but a kind of mini jackhammer of a sound.

It was loud enough to make me go outside to look around.

I couldn't find the bird or source of sound, but a woman across the street had likewise come out to see. Where was it? Neither of us could say for sure, but the woman said, "I love stuff like that." And I did too: Nature going about its business.

The other day in the baseball stands, Dan, a fellow father whose son was likewise playing, told me that one day as he was roaming the woods, cutting trees that had been marked for the lumber yard, he came upon the head of a deer. Just the head, no carcass. And nearby there were cat tracks ... big cat tracks ... in the snow. Dan commented, "They say there are no mountain lions around here, but I can't imagine what else could have done that ... chewed off the head and dragged the carcass away."

Nature ... why is it somehow such a relief in the world that man creates and inhabits?

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  1. I love nature and find a lot of Dharma within it. It seems very Zen especially. Especially its similarities with the Taoist reverence toward nature.