Thursday, May 6, 2010

practice and tears

I wasn't brought up to cry. On any number of fronts, weeping was not in the cards. As a child, naturally I did cry some, but not much. But as I got older the habit took hold. Whatever the tragedy or horror, my cheeks generally stayed dry.

I thought of this this afternoon as I watched "Chariots of Fire," a 1981 movie about the 1924 Olympics. Costumes, principles, intelligence, bigotry, and romance all centered around people making a great effort. And by the end, the tears were rolling down my cheeks, for no reason I could name or explain. Just drip, drip, drip.

I think perhaps, having missed my chance earlier on, it's time to catch up with a perfectly good function and capacity. Others have been luckier and more skilled than I ever became.

But now it's my turn, I guess.

Sap, sucker, softie ... that's me. Or maybe it's just my practice.

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  1. My eyes got we as i was reading this. Assumably and most probably because I remembered my own problem with crying.

    Sometimes the horrors and tragedies are surrounding a person (metaphorically speaking) making the person helpless. He wants to stay and confront the situation with tears, or escape from the logical exit and keep all the fears. - But there wont be an escape, since that person is surrounded.

    Such situation occurs not when one lives in a good enviorment and has good material and intellectual inheritance. In such a sense I envy you. And the tears of yours you speak of are not a result of having caught up from a delayed status. But the result of have run in from and outrun.

    Can I be wrong? Or am an expert on this issue ffrom experience?