Friday, May 7, 2010

immaculate lifestyle

Someone referred to the current economic downturn as the "immaculate recession" and I think it is a good term.

No one is to blame.

No one is to blame and yet those who are less to blame bear a disproportionate share of the responsibility for righting the wrongs.

Congressional hearings, new regulations, bold headlines, hand-wringing statements ... none of it is likely to arouse in those who created this miraculous birth the willingness to assume the duties of fatherhood.

Immaculate recession ... what the hell, I never heard of God stepping forward to assume his responsibilities. And the money manipulators do so easily see themselves as immaculate gods.

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  1. i read that the economy is improving- there is truth to it- it's improved for some- those that are absorbing the business of the endless ones that have gone under- strings upon strings of stores are slowly becoming empty- maybe next month there will be even more empty stores- and it will be reported that the economy has improved even more- though it doesn't seem likely they will report that it has only improved for "some"-