Sunday, May 30, 2010


A nice Memorial Day Weekend gift ... Alanna and Mike came to sit this morning. Alanna has been several times before, but Mike I have only 'known' on the internet. Always fun to meet in person someone you have imagined from afar ... and then be corrected. I like that.

It was especially nice, as we sat in a kind of triangular 'circle' to have Mike mention his shikantaza and mu practice and to have Alanna ask for some elucidation... and just to hear the two of them talk about a subject Alanna had read about and Mike was practicing.

There is so much stuff I forget until someone mentions it.

The morning passed nicely and helped to smooth some of the rough edges of what happened at my son's track meet yesterday ... something I still haven't got my head around and wish I could. The zazen helped.


  1. Thank you Adam, for your guidance and reminders this morning. This was the first time I visited a zendo outside the community of practice groups I started with and still attend.

    Just doing that reminded me of my awkwardness and was generally a good lesson for me I think.

    And I hope my sangha wont mind a rooster in their midst at the next sitting I go to. :)


  2. It's a new day. Since the very first time my face hit a mat I knew I had a problem with bandwidth. The standard solution to that is pixellation. The better solution is to increase bandwidth. You increase bandwidth by putting in extra cables or fatter cables.

    If you know what you are trying to achieve everything is easy. You just lay down cables as fast as you can and bring them online when they are installed.

    Sometimes you get a virus and it takes all your bandwidth before you've finished. Then you've got two problems to fix.

    If you want to fix a problem it's best to hang out with people who can see the problem in the first place. Even better if they know what to do to solve it. If they don't know what the problem is they are best avoided.

    A friend of a friend is coming round next week. They want me to help them with a dress redesign. It's been a few months since we talked about it and yet today she asks again. Hen houses he!

    Fortunately bandwidth has been tested to the fullest until it stopped breaking.

  3. That's not quite accurate. The bandwidth Zen runs at is good enough for everyday life.

    The dance crews run with higher bandwidth goals and broader services. They've signed me up. I'm already signed up with a work crew. You've seen the house pics. I'm going to be very busy for quite some time I think. Thank god it's all one hey!