Saturday, May 22, 2010

getting it wrong

Maybe the whole difficulty with spiritual endeavor is that we can't get it wrong. What a revelation! What a scary thought!

Here we are, many of us busting our asses to get it right and ... and... and along comes the understanding that there is no way in hell to get it wrong.

The harder we try to get it right, the more we get it wrong.

And we can't get it wrong.

How about them apples?


  1. If I recall correctly I read in one of Goldstein's books the comment
    ..." In true Spiritual Endeavour there is no compulsion"
    I have always personally hung onto this phrase in my seeking. As to the connotation of what is “true” Endeavour I guess that’s up for debate.
    Thanks for that!

  2. If the path were straight there wouldn't be an opportunity to feel "wrong", but it ain't (Except, when we look back, it's a straight line.), so sometimes we feel we're doing it wrong. However, we can also end up in some very deluded places that are fertile ground for making big mistakes that effect others as well as ourselves.