Friday, September 16, 2011

back to the future

-- Around the country, young black people are being encouraged and trained to take up farming.

-- Washington is girding its loins in the face of a U.N. vote next week that may or may not recognize the sovereignty of a Palestinian state. The current administration has promised to veto such recognition. The U.S. has been partial to Israel and a Palestinian state would diminish Israel's standing. But the U.S. is losing its clout around the world and to vote against such a state would run counter to the rising sense of freedom in the Middle East... an oil-rich and militarily strategic part of the world. "Freedom," while vaunted, is such a malleable word when self-interest is involved.

-- "The Beast from the East," Russian boxing champion Nikolai Valuev, is off for a two-day adventure in search of a yeti in the mountains of Kemerovo Region. There is something passe and yet reassuring about the fact that people are still looking for these hairy humanoids. I wonder if things would be more or less satisfying if the adventurers ever credibly found one. Whatever the case, I appreciate 'foolish' adventures that inflict minimal foolishness on the rest of us.

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