Saturday, September 24, 2011

of pores and flea penises

Yesterday, Chris, an internet friend and fellow student of Zen teacher Kyudo Nakagawa, sent along a teisho (Dharma talk) Chris had recorded and transcribed. He also sent an ink painting of a horse -- something Kyudo made and handed out as a New Year's gift -- and a picture of Kyudo himself. All of it was sent as an addition to the internet site offering a very limited compilation of Kyudo stuff. The site aims to give some flavor of the man, most of whose words are held at Ryutaku-ji Monastery and are unlikely to see the light of day.

The teisho, which I read quickly once yesterday and will read more closely today, really does remind me of the comedy "Blazing Saddles" in which passing reference is made to "authentic frontier gibberish." It is quite higglety-pigglety and associative, but, as anyone who has been to a sesshin, or intensive Zen retreat, can attest, it carries with it encouragements and observations that don't need to make sense because they make so much sense. Of course what makes so much sense may just be eye wash and self-deluding rat poison, but ... well, it's up to the listener or reader to make the call. So I think it should be added.

What stood out in my quick-read mind was the suggestion of keeping all your pores open ... everything wide open and free ... all your pores open.

That, and the completely Kyudo-esque punch line ... a flea penis.

Yes, I miss him.

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