Sunday, September 18, 2011

the colors of puke

-- In the lately-approved world of "green energy" (harnessing wind, light and water instead of fossil fuel), a three-day protest has erupted at a Chinese solar panel plant. China very much dislikes protests of any sort, but there it is -- villagers gathering because the fish in their water ways have been killed and their children sickened. Police seem to have been dispatched ... not to clean up the pollution, but to cope with disruptive villagers.

-- In Pakistan, troops have been dispatched into the deep hills to battle with Taliban insurgents over the remains of a U.S. drone the Taliban claims to have shot down. Drones are unmanned planes that can rain down death on the other guy without ever dispatching troops who may later be sent home in politically-inconvenient body bags. And yet the troops have been dispatched ... to battle over the remote-controlled remains. Oh well, at least it's not American troops going into harm's way.

-- And a contract document to go on the auction block next week depicts the unwillingness of rock-'n'-roll giants, The Beatles, to play at U.S. venues that were segregated, black from white. The contract dates from 1965, a time when civil rights were more popular in the media and public perception.

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