Thursday, September 15, 2011

odds and ends of news

-- SAT reading scores for graduating high school seniors have dropped to their lowest point in 40 years. Is this to say that people actually do read?

-- One proposal in Denmark, a bastion of decent living, suggests that people might work an extra 12 minutes per day as a way of addressing economic hard times.

-- And the computer giant Apple has agreed to discontinue its "Jew or Not Jew" application in France. The application winkles out the heritage of celebrities and public figures. Its creator insists it was all in fun, but hackles rose over its racist implications. The app is still available elsewhere.


  1. Since this seems to be my catching up with Adam morning, All I can say to this one is again... hammock old friend. Gaze up into the sky until vertigo strikes and you find yourself gripping the cords to not fall into the sky.

  2. Charlie -- Makes you wonder if Chicken Little wasn't on the track of something interesting.

    The sky is falling.

    Chicken Little is falling.


    Who or what could ever fall?

    And to where?