Saturday, September 24, 2011

Kyudo Nakagawa Roshi ... web page additions

With the addition of material from Chris Hamacher and the diligent efforts of  web master, The Rev. Kobutsu Malone, the Internet page devoted to Kyudo Nakagawa Roshi has grown.

Thanks to both.

And if anyone reading this has any old talks, photos, calligraphy or other memorabilia relating to Kyudo, I hope you will consider passing them along for possible inclusion.


  1. Dear Adam

    Some grammatical (editorial??) errors for your attention:

    Para 6. Starts with 'But some people only have an intellectual appreciation.'

    Line 3 - hides0 (sic)

    Para 8. Starts with 'It's like this.'

    Line 5 - your eyes don't retired (sic)
    Line 6 - foes on strike (sic)
    Line 9 - pass

    Para 9. Starts with 'But you know'

    Line 6 - they (sic)

    Para 12. Starts with 'You have to know how brown rice is better.'

    Line 9 - our (sic)

    Para 13.

    Line 9 - like (sic)

    Para 16.

    Line 4 - I take care what I get

  2. Or please pass along to relevant person for perusal. Thanks.

  3. Article - Fourth day Teisho

    Para 2, line 1 and 2 - No connection you and Buddha.
    Para 2, line 4 - tine (sic)
    Para 7, line 1 - "It" you have some..
    Para 15, line 5 - Therefore, there is no need for hesitation "of" pride or complaining.
    Para 17, line 1 - Las (sic)
    Para 19, line 8 - In any place, in any "even"
    Para 24, line 7 - the (sic)

  4. These are nice, thanks for posting the link.

  5. Dear "Anonymous" -- Many thanks (he growled) for the corrections which I have done my best (not perfect, but my best) to implement.

    Very kind of you.

  6. Finally !! you praise me...

    Cheerio S.