Monday, September 12, 2011

until religion itself will disappear

According to a story from the BBC, Christianity is ballooning in China.

And one of the interesting observations in the article was this:

Since the 1980s, when religious belief was again permitted, the official Churches have gradually created more space for themselves.
They report to the State Administration for Religious Affairs. They are forbidden to take part in any religious activity outside their places of worship and sign up to the slogan, "Love the country - love your religion."
In return the Party promotes atheism in schools but undertakes "to protect and respect religion until such time as religion itself will disappear".

Until such time as religion itself will disappear.

Somehow I like that scenario. Is it communist-party wishful thinking or is there some honest Chinese wisdom, born of the ages, that resides in it? Either way, I think it's fun.

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