Tuesday, March 27, 2012

eat chocolate, lose weight

-- If you live that long, it seems likely that your bad habits will have some good results. Research suggests that the old fat-nourishing addiction, chocolate, may help to keep people slimmer. I look forward to a case of full-blown anorexia.

-- In Mexico, Pope Benedict was expected to pay homage today to a venerated Christian icon, the Virgin of Charity. As an uneducated person, this makes me wonder what ever happened to the "golden calf" we learned about during Bible class in high school. No doubt there is a well-founded explanation for the pope's action, but I wonder if that explanation is significantly different from the explanation used for worshiping a golden calf.

-- A relatively new drug of addict-choice is infiltrating rural America. Methamphetamine, among others, is illegal in America, but the latest powerful drug, Opana, is a prescription pain killer and it is the prescription market that is gaining popularity among those who wish to make their lives less painful. Sometimes I wonder if the difference between legal and illegal drugs doesn't pretty much rest on whether the pharmaceutical companies are making a profit.

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  1. I cringe when you mention christian anything....I know some ill fitting conjectures are sure to follow. I wonder where all this noodling, yours and mine, takes us.