Sunday, March 4, 2012

this is the way the world will end ... not

A meteorite traveling from north to south last night over Scotland and England was described as a "massively exciting" fireball ... and a bit spooky: Was it a plane crashing or the beginning of the end of the world?

How wonderfully informative are the moments that clean out the whining and exulting mind in a flash of ... flash. It's like Drano cleaning out an obstructed drain pipe ... whoooosh! In an instant -- before a 'wow' can pass the lips -- there is nothing but ... a nothing that is something but not something and not nothing.

A meteorite. A sneeze. A kiss. Suddenly things are cleaner and clearer than a newly-scrubbed baby's bottom. No problems. No exultation. No whimpering. No ... no nothing ... and yet something. The wow before 'wow.' The is before 'is.' The end of the world before the world begins.

How about them apples?

Plain as the nose on your face and mine.

Pretty informative, I'd say.

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