Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Tantrum Room

Among all the partitions the mind can perfect, perhaps there is none more important than a space in which caterwauling can be given room to roam.

"Caterwauling." I like that word.

Shrieks of anguish and desire....

Given room to roam.

Of course some have already constructed such elaborate and much-gilded environments and are positively insistent that everyone else should enjoy the realm as much as they do ... endless whining.

But for those who haven't, I think it would be kind to get to work. Maybe we could call it The Tantrum Room. No need to exercise the caterwauling capacity for the benefit of friends and neighbors. But it would be kind to create some breathing space ... much as a kindly grandmother might.

"Yes, dear. I understand. Take the second door on the right. It's The Tantrum Room. I'm sure you'll find it comfortable."

A place to shriek until the shrieks run out.

And if the shrieks don't run out?

That's the kindness of The Tantrum Room.

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