Tuesday, March 20, 2012

the politics of despair

The American political system is now so corrupted and impotent and enraged that a group called Americans Elect is trying -- apparently NOT tongue-in-cheek -- to put together a consortium that will feature one Democrat and one Republican on the same presidential ticket.

The effort, whose particulars are a bit vague in my mind, strikes me as icing on an already depressing and shameful cake. It reminds me of the slovenly kindness that asks with a whine, "Can't we all just get along?" And by trying to bring things together, it manages to underscore how far apart everything has become ... intractably become.

Is this effort better or worse than doing nothing? I'm not sure. But it reminds me of a bunch of high-school rejects banding together and applauding their own outsider status. We stand tall, we are strong, we are righteous and caring, we deserve to be counted ....


I suppose it all serves some purpose, but I cannot help but think about tits on a bull.

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