Tuesday, March 6, 2012

the idiocy factory

I suppose it is really presumptuous, but sometimes I marvel at the lack of imagination -- and hence kindness -- that human beings can display. Why should I be surprised that fear and ignorance can grip individuals or nations when the palpable facts are all around me? What kind of idjit does that make me?

Nevertheless, I am sometimes brought up short by pusillanimity ... become simultaneously infuriated and astounded and saddened. How stupid can group-think become? And the answer is "pretty damned stupid."

In Indonesia, the former nanny of U.S. President Barack Obama is a transgender person who was born a man, found his soul as a woman, then retreated in the face of vile and violent reaction. With all of the problems in the world, such a no-harm-no-foul existence pales into non-relevance. Sickness, hunger, poverty ... and you're worried that a guy is a girl or a girl is a guy?!

It's purely asinine, but, the more I think about it, the more asinine I become: Where do I get off imagining that idiocy is not one of the world's most plentiful crops?

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