Wednesday, March 28, 2012

news of note?

-- In what is believed to be a 'first,' health insurance has been extended to a same-sex spouse. That should rattle the cage of the one-man-one-woman marriage crowd.

-- In Syria, where some 9,000 protesters have allegedly been killed and the number is probably higher, a cease-fire peace plan was announced yesterday. Shooting continues today. The peace proposal does not address the fact that the 9,000 and more like them find the government of Bashar al-Assad rigid and vile and uncaring. So, as with the banking industry that brought down world economies but saw no structural changes as those economies struggled to rebound, a Syrian peace plan is a mask and a deception ... something to mollify other governments that feel guilty they are doing so little while so many are slaughtered. 

--  A 37-year-old man is said to be recovering well after a 36-hour face-transplant operation. Richard Lee Norris had lived for 15 years as a recluse after a gunshot wound. He often wore a mask when going out. And ... well, one picture worth ten thousand words:


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