Thursday, March 22, 2012

NSA bugging operations

Those who remember how to read may want to bite down on this article about the gigantic new eavesdropping center the National Security Agency is building.

When I was in the army, my unit came under the NSA umbrella and my section was engaged in listening to (then) East German administration phone calls. Since the U.S. was allegedly afraid of Russia at the time and since any Russian ground war was expected to come through East Germany among other places, our nosiness seemed to have some validity.

The site being built in Bluffdale, Utah, is not collecting data on foreign countries alone. The enormous computers will sift phone calls and other forms of communication by citizens of the United States as well. Although there is the capacity to block interception on benign institutions, organizations or individuals, NSA seems disinclined to exercise that option.

There are reasons. There is 'patriotism.' There is a well-nourished fear. And, predictably, there is arrogance and greed.

I think there is good reason for television stations to replay and replay and replay -- as they have recently  -- the movie, "V for Vendetta."

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