Monday, March 19, 2012

too tall

Just for fun....

Is it true or am I imagining it ... that the good Zen teachers I have known were all short? Pip-squeaks, in fact. Sasaki is knee-high to a grasshopper. Kyudo was not a big man. And Soen was another short guy. Idly, I wonder if short guys -- like Marines -- are aware of their small stature and make an extra effort to excel? And perhaps do excel where their taller brethren do not?

Huang Po was a tall guy, but you need an exception every now and then in order to prove the rule... the monster midget rule. No medium-sized or tall guys or gals need apply ... except where an exception is needed.

One thing's for sure -- I'll never make it.


  1. And Kyudo also once said that bald men were more honest, so you're doubly shot!

  2. Can you shave yourself short

    genkaku yo a crazy dude yo