Saturday, April 14, 2012

intellect and arrogance

With an IQ of 159, four-year-old Heidi Hankins has been inducted into Mensa, an organization premised on the intelligence of its membership.

According to Mensa, the signs of a gifted child include an unusual memory, reading at an early age, intolerance of other children and an awareness of world events. A gifted child will also ask questions all of the time.
"Intolerance of other children." What a curse for an adult to be intolerant based on intelligence. What is intolerant will only grudgingly be tolerated. But for a child ... what an added curse ... lacking the skills to find friendship ... always smart but standing outside a circle of love that lacks all explanation or limitation.

I guess excellence of any sort implies a loneliness, but what a bitter fetter and how hard to integrate.


  1. Indeed. One wonders whether it is a gift or a curse.

  2. It is all too often a curse as it very often means the child has high functioning autism or aspergers syndrome.

    My son was reading at 2, he has an overactive mind, incredible memory intelligence but simply cannot function in the outside world. He hates interaction with other people. He is often like a 6ft 2inch 7 year old. He has to be in total control of his life 24/7 and anything different that he meets up with causes extreme anxiety and behavioural issues.

    AS his psychologist said what would be the point of a degree in astro physics if he cannot leave his bedroom?

  3. Good for her! She would dismiss stupid and ignorant people much faster, so they will not hold her back through her life.